Electric Jive at Grantham, Lincs

Attention: This venue now seems to be no longer used.
Electric Jive at Grantham review by Caroline.
The Electric Jive at the Electric Club in Grantham is located at 11 Commercial Road, Grantham, NG31 6DB.
It’s a small club along a narrow, not that well lit, side street of terraced houses, and our first reaction was, “is it safe to park the car here?”   Maybe that was unfair, but in turned out there was no parking in the street, so we doubled back, and parked in the main road at the end, opposite the bus station.   Brightly lit, wide, and with no parking restrictions after 6pm.
The Venue is a small room above a bar, but numbers were limited which prevented the dance floor becoming like bumper cars.
The bar is cheap but not ideal that you had to walk downstairs through the main club and we got a few looks – but it wasn’t that bad.
A Good atmosphere was created in a small space and numbers seemed evenly balanced. Entry fee was £7 which is great value given the level of food supplied free of charge.
  • Air conditioning: 5 out of 5 – I’m not sure there was any, but it was a good temperature throughout.  Maybe we need to check in the heat of summer.
  • Atmosphere: 4 out of 5.  It is hard to do much more in a small arena, to be fair.
  • Do ladies ask men?   5 out of 5.  My companion for the evening was asked all evening through.
  • Free water: Yes
  • Friendliness – 5 out of 5.  One of the friendliest freestyles I have been too. People chatting and I got asked to dance lots.
  • Location: 4 out of 5.   It’s a side street, and quite possibly our concern about parking the car was just paranoia in a town we didn’t know.
  • Music – 4 out of 5, a good selection and varied well throughout the night with the odd fast and slower one thrown in at regular intervals. Requests for tracks were also taken.
  • Facilities – 4 out of 5 – Free water upstairs but anything else had to be purchased from the bar downstairs in the main club. Food was provided – yummy cakes to keep you going!
  • Parking – 3 out of 5  – road parking but there did seem to be plenty in other streets close to the club
  • Venue overall: 4 out of 5.  It’s tough to take on a small venue in a side street and make it work, but they have done it.