Derby – Rolls Royce Centre

The Rolls Royce Pavilion
Moor Lane
DE24 9HY


This is a nice dance area with a bar and raised seating section and a dance floor below with the DJ behind.   The problem was that the night I visited there was a small number of people and no atmosphere.

The small number made it very hard to get dances as an outsider – there seemed to be a resistance to a man turning up on his own, and quite a few of the couples simply danced together and were not there to dance with any others.

Despite the very low numbers neither the lady who was on the door nor the DJ actually joined in to help get things along, so we were left there to make the best of it.   A number of outsiders who were not there to dance, but knew the bar staff, were at a table chatting away through much of the evening.

What was interesting was that the event was advertised as being at a really good environment, which the club was lucky to be able to get.  Maybe so, but without a good crowd of dancers it doesn’t work.

In effect it is up to the people running the event to work on getting a crowd, but I saw no incentives to get people in, and certainly my attitude having been there once was not to go again.

  • Air conditioning:  I imagine so – there was no overheating problem.
  • Atmosphere: 0 out of 5.  It is a modern hall, so none of the coldness of the old halls from the 1960s.   But you need a crowd of enthusiastic dancers to make a venue built like this work.
  • Do ladies ask men: 0 out of 5.  No one asked me to dance until I had worked the whole room and found a couple of women who liked dancing with me and later asked for a second.
  • Facilities: 4 out of 5.  It is all there – a good bar, modern facilities, plenty of places to sit.
  • Free water: Yes
  • Friendliness: 0 out of 5.  That’s probably unfair, because of the numbers, but if no one welcome you as an outsider what else can you say.
  • Location: 4 out of 5.  I found it ok with sat nav until the very last moment when I was off the feeder road and simply parked and waked around to what turned out to be the venue.  There seemed to be no signs at that point, but it was hard to miss.
  • Music: 3 out of 5 – very average.
  • Parking: 4 out of 5 car park right outside but hard to judge given the small crowd on the night I attended.
  • Space: 3 out of 5 – just beware if it becomes more and more popular.
  • Venue overall: 1 out of 5 – it could be fine if only the organisers worked on making the place a venue everyone wanted to go to.