Jiving as a way a living

Jiving is not just dancing – it is a description of a way of life.  A way of living that values creativity and endlessly questions the way we are told the world has to be.

One can jive through dancing, and through the way one sees the world.  And the two are of course linked – the more you dance the more you are likely to change the way you see the world.

The first part of this project – writing about dance and dance clubs is well under way.

The second part – the series “A woman asked me to dance” has also got going.  It expresses an artistic response to jiving – the dance.

Now for part three – how jiving is an expression of a way of living one’s life that is liberating, exciting and eventful.

In this third part I want to try and express the view that the world is not something that is out there and happening to us.  Rather the dominant force in the way we live is the way we see the world.

The problem is that most of us there is a perception that this is the world, and this is my place in it.  Here I want to try and show that this is not right.  The world can be anything you want it to be.  I want to show this through every day events and through how one can change the world in which one lives.

In this regard this web site is about having a good life.  Doing what you want to do, staying fit and healthy, not letting other people push you around, being a strong and independent person.

We’ve taken “Jiving” as the name, because jiving, the dance, embodies such a lifestyle, and it is one thing that those of us involved with the site do, and it is something that enjoy.

But also it symbolises a whole approach to life – a way of being that says, no matter what your age, what your background, you can get up and get involved.  You have the power and opportunity to be what you want.

Of course this view of the world takes in a million different actions and activities, and it is going to take a long time to build this site up into something that reflects this fully.

There is an index to all the articles on jiving, jive clubs and the like, here.

And because we’ve only just started the notion of articles about other issues in life, those articles will be listed below.  They will cover all sorts of issues from life.  The aim is to add several each week – and they might seem quite random, but put together they will represent a choice in the way you see the world and react to it.

Well, that’s the aim.