Rugby Indian Centre

Indian Centre,

Edward Street, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2EZ

It’s the only dance venue I know which has a door coming off the main dance floor which says, “Temple”.

And it’s a nice enough venue.  But it has some problems.  When I first wrote a review of the club I said that itsonly problem is that on some occasions with its Friday night dances it can become so packed that it almost gets to be dangerous.  Now I would say that its problem is that sometimes at dances the numbers there are so small that it is hard to find enough dancers to last the evening.

Plus at the Thursday night club events the numbers can often best be described as modest.

There’s a decent on-site carpark, although on very busy dance nights that can get full, but much of it is on a slope, so do make sure your handbrake works.

One bonus they have is a really positive and caring lady on the door who not only knows people’s names, but also cares very much about the club.  When the lines for a class get long, she’s out there making sure that the man or woman coming off the end of the last line finds the way back to the start of the first one.

But there are two downsides.  One is that on occasion the toilets can be smelly, and the other is that the club will not abide by the requirements of the licensing act and offer free water.  Their excuse is that one can get it from the kitchen.  But this means a) finding the kitchen, b) finding the light, and c) having a container into which to pour the tap water.

It also went through a series of events in which the fire doors were blocked.  Visits from the local fire officer eventually sorted this out, but not straight away, which was most alarming.

Certainly the crowd is friendly, and all told it’s a decent enough venue except when allowed to get horribly overcrowded for a dance night.


  • Air conditioning: 3 out of 5
  • Atmosphere: Varies between 1 out of 5 and 5 out of 5.  It is currently going through a low period because of low numbers.
  • Do ladies ask men: 3 out of 5.  Yes – a certain standoffishness can be seen but by no means the worst.
  • Facilities: 3 out of 5.  Toilets have array of accoutrements, bar is generally big enough, and there is a spare room for food and drink on dance nights.  But there was a long period in which the ladies were complaining a lot about the faciliites.
  • Free water: No.
  • Friendliness: 3 out of 5
  • Location: 3 out of 5.  On a housing estate – no good without a car unless you live close by.
  • Music: 4 out of 5
  • Parking: 4 out of 5
  • Space: 5 out of 5 out of five at the moment.
  • Venue overall: 2 out of 5 – the history and the continuing refusal to offer free tap water in breach of the Licensing Act is a major concern.