Jiving and your health

Jiving is very good for your health.  It can rarely do you much harm, apart perhaps from the occasional kicked ankle or muscle pull.

This is a prime benefit of jive – you can exercise a lot without the danger of injury that you can get in road running, five a side football and most other sports.

Also it doesn’t incorporate the boredom that many people find in the gym.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that once a week at a club will of itself make you fit.  It will help but it is not enough.  What’s more, if you are going to a midweek class, having a pint or two of beer, slipping out for a cigarette, doing the class, and then sitting out two out of three dances, you are not really making much impact on yourself.

If you are not doing any exercise that brings you out into a sweat when you start jiving then going to a club night once a week is probably enough.  When you are finding that you can dance through most of the evening after the intermediate lesson, then it is time to add in a weekend evening.

It is possible to go up to six nights a week if you are not in a rural area, but beware – that is a lot of dancing (unless you are sitting out many of the dances).   Build up to it gradually.

The key point is that any exercise is better than no exercise and once you have started if you can push yourself just a little bit further each time you visit that is great.   Then, if you are incorporating alcohol into the evening, cut that down slightly and move across to water.

However you also need to watch what you eat.  If you already eat a good balanced diet, and you are not overweight, then no problem.

But if you are overweight and you want to use jive to reduce your weight, and increase your fitness then you also need a weight loss programme.

With this in mind you might like to have a look at Weight Loss UK  – another web site from the same team that put this site together.

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