Jiving and well being

Many people who jive find that the activity gives them a real feeling of well being.  In fact people talk of getting a bigger high than is possible from the immediate intake of alcohol or from any recreational drugs.

Better still the high lasts much longer, and unlike habituative drugs the high can get better each time.

This high comes from the release of endorphins from the exercise and a good feeling from the social interaction that one can get in a decent jive club.

But there is more, because after some practice many people find that they can also experience a sense of removal from the world which is akin to meditation.

Now this may seem rather strange given that many of us associate meditation with sitting in a silent room, peaceful and unmoving, whereas jive involves moderately loud music and constant movement.  And yet the more experienced dancers who can let their bodies flow with the music can obtain this removal from the real world and entry into a secondary reality in which the physical activity of the dance and the auditory input of the music combine.

It is a hard thing to experience, and generally only those who really do enjoy jive can get this, but if you are of that type you should begin to experience it occasionally after a year or so of dance.

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