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Details of reviews and articles are given below.  We are also slowly adding other information about jive and related topics – there is a list on the right below the list of recent reviews.

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The reviews

The aim here is simple – to offer a chance to review the modern jive clubs of England.

This project was run initially as a trial and some of the reviews published come out of that trial.  We’re now just starting to update all the entries.

But please do remember that we are in the early days of the site, and it is still experimental, and not every item as yet is properly proof read or updated.  Some articles may appear and vanish as we try to get the format right.

The clubs will be listed by county, so if the county you want is not listed here, then we haven’t done the first review for that area yet.

An unfair review?

For some of these clubs the reviewers have only been there once – and of course that might have been a bad day, or things might have changed.  If you think that is so, please write in and we’ll publish your comments.

Bedfordshire (remaining reviews coming soon)









Milton Keynes

  • Longueville Hall, Newton Longville




  • Burton on Trent
  • Tamworth – Mile Oak Community Centre


Just send a review to…


And please do include our bullet points summary at the end.  Here’s the current format that we’ve evolved.

  • Air conditioning:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Do ladies ask men:
  • Facilities:
  • Free water:
  • Friendliness:
  • Location:
  • Music:
  • Parking:
  • Space:
  • Venue overall:

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The articles

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